Making/receiving payments, sending money

Describe what happened so we can understand the issue …
Naval Federal Credit union fail to pay bill as though their bill pay as agreed resorting in my credit going bad they told me they was going to depute the to each reporting company and did not also was to send me a copy of what they did and have not done so this was done to hurt my credit and then refused to help resolve the issue they made and lied about it which is why they did it intentionally They said they sent you a letter to give to me. Never got it They are now retaliating against me by not paying my bills as set up in the system and scheduling payment early so they can charge me a fee. They claim they ca n’t see my records lie lie its in their system. They agreed to send a letter to the reporting agency ‘s and was sending me a copy by mail, when asked they sent it to you to give to me still do n’t have it. Their current action is retaliation for filing prior complaints. They have and to continue to mess-up my credit.

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