Making/receiving payments, sending money

My debit card was stolen from a restaurant/bar in XXXX and the suspect spent almost {$600.00} before I noticed and cancelled the card. Their purchases also caused my account to go negative. M & T credit the money back to me and now after their investigation they advised they are taking the money back out my account on XXXX. After. Multiple calls and associated they told me it was denied because suspects do n’t usually steal cards and go use them at gas stations and car washes and XXXX XXXX Department store. I asked multiple times to speak to someone who could help me and there has to be some way I can fight this because if a proper investigation was done, it would show it was n’t me using the card. I work hard for my income and am a single mother of twins. Taking this money from me was devestatipng enough to have to work with for the two weeks it took them to refund it and now to take it again is wrong. This is my hard earned money. I ‘ve been a customer for years with that bank and have never been through this before. The fact that XXXX different reps just all said well it is what it is without any real help is not right. To say that the area where the card was used are places I have used before as a reason to deny is not acceptable. Of course when a card is stolen from the area you live in they ‘re going to use it at the same places. XXXX is not that big! The fact that I ‘ve been in tears for two days and have had to repeat my story repeatedly to the different reps who all say the same thing ” sorry claim was denied there ‘s nothing else to do ” is so demeaning. This money being taken means either my children wo n’t eat or our rent will not get paid. I just do n’t understand how a company that prides themself on customer service could treat me this way.

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