Making/receiving payments, sending money

Twice I, a New York state citizen and resident, have attempted to make a purchase at a XXXX website called XXXX XXXX, and though the sum was not large, about {$400.00}, my bank, JP Morgan Chase, at least the first time and possibly the second, blocked the transaction, which in effect killed the transaction, as XXXX XXXX was apparently not informed by the bank that I had confirmed the legitimacy of the transaction. In any event, their software eliminates the billing information I provided as the result of the interdiction. Certainly Chase has a right and an interest in combating fraud. But I am troubled by the idea that a given transaction, simply because it is international, is assumed to be fraudulent and denied, and only then investigated. I daresay that many XXXX of dollars a day in such transactions are thwarted by this policy and practice, which is probably not limited to Chase. I had thought our government, via various treaties, etc., was committed to free trade. I myself have had to go to great lengths to get the order reinstated, and it remains to be seen whether it goes through. I would also mention that Chase ‘s recorded confirming call arrived at XXXX awakening me, a retired person. I believe such calls should be confined to standard working hours.

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