Making/receiving payments, sending money

On XX/XX/2017 around XXXX my business partner and I went into your Chase Bank location at XXXX TX XXXX. Upon speaking to a teller named XXXX we were informed that a {$3500.00} check from our client could not be cashed because ” it was over a {$2500.00} limit the customer had placed on a non-Chase account holder cashing. ” We then spoke to the Branch Manager, XXXX. She told us that even if we had the customer write XXXX separate checks she would not allow them to both be cashed. She also refused to cash a check for us if our client wrote XXXX checks in XXXX different names. As we left the bank, she told us she would inform all her tellers to refuse us service.
I personally hold a Chase Bank account and am extremely offended by the treatment we received. I routinely cash checks at other Chase locations and have never have issues. We whole heartily feel this branch racially profiled us for being XXXX male consumers in a predominantly XXXX run bank. We also noticed a XXXX women ‘s check was also refused while we were there. This is unacceptable, especially from a company such as Chase.

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