Making/receiving payments, sending money

My mother and I had linked accounts with Chase Bank, her acct got hacked and they froze both of ours. Then they ( Chase ) emptied out her account and most of mine to hold her liable for the fraud that happened. She and I have tried numerous times to contact the fraud department to find out what the status is and no one is giving us any answers. This has been going on for 2.5 weeks and there is still no update on anything. The woman who ‘s information I was given seemed to be the one who would know something about this but she has not answered the phone once in the two weeks I have been calling. The bank is supposed to let us know something within 10 business days and I have heard nothing. My paycheck got sent to Chase, instead of my new account at a different bank, and now I ca n’t access my paycheck for my upcoming bills.

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