Making/receiving payments, sending money

Dear CFPB.
My problem is with Bank America credit card, Well every month I pay my bill in time, bud always pay more, I pay doble the minimum due, and the account still the same,. And the minimum payment due every month is the same do n’t low. How is possible, only low a little big, sometime I thinking the I never going to pay off that credit card. Something important the interest, They increase more I not expected that. What I thing is, they still my money. I work hard only for pay my bills. I thinking is a racist because they call me more than one time as me if Iam XXXX. Yes Iam from XXXX. and my husband Military XXXX XXXX because the war. And my son is military too XXXX. My husbad 30 year in the XXXX. I am a XXXX. Than you for you health. XXXX XXXX

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