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I ‘d like Chase Bank to issue a letter of explanation about a forged check on my account. It ‘s almost comical, but I do need the letter so i can complete the refinance of my mortgage.
In a nutshell : Someone going by the name XXXX forged a check on my account. I alerted Chase and a day later Chase closed my account, and opened a new account in my name.
While Chase apparently automatically forwarded other autopay orders to my new bank account, somehow the autopay for my Chase credit card – and only my Chase credit card – was not forwarded, and I missed two payments. Chase ‘s credit card division then reported my delinquency unleashing a cascading chain of events, as my credit rating momentarily plummeted and XXXX is now holding up my mortgage refinance until i can supply a letter of explanation from Chase.
Chase refuses, of course to admit they goofed, and refuses even to issue a letter explaining the events that led to the late credit card payments. Meanwhile, my credit score has recovered but XXXX ‘s mortgage division insists on a letter of explanation from Chase before they will allow me to complete my refinancing.

I am attaching copies of relevant correspondence.

Please ask Chase to issue a brief letter of explanation, noting that a forged check forced the closure of my account and an oversight led to two missed credit card payments. My Chase account has a balance in excess of {$110000.00}, and the credit card bill was in the hundreds.

Many thanks – XXXX XXXX XXXX

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