Making/receiving payments, sending money

U.S. Bank – I was speaking with a bank representative named XXXX that suggested I transfer funds from XXXX bank card to another at a lower interest rate. I did and asked that my payments be due on the first of the month. After everything was transferred over from XXXX cards, I received my first statement and it stated 11 % which was higher than the 5 % he quoted me, also, there were transfer fees. To top it all off, any account I have has a grace period of at least 5 days. If my account was n’t paid on the XXXX of the month exactly ( which was never explained to me ) I finally discovered I ‘d been charged late fees. I ‘ve always paid my bills between the XXXX of the XXXX of the month. Upon discovery, I was smoothed talked again and then found out my interest rate had gone up to 28 %.

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