Making/receiving payments, sending money

On XXXX, XXXX 2016 I called Bank of America to have a pending charge removed. The charge was unauthorized and I explicitly stated this. I specifically asked about fees and was told ” You might get a fee, but it will be refunded. ” On XXXX, XXXX 2016 I had XXXX fees on my account, XXXX being a stop payment fee and XXXX being a returned item fee totaling in XXXX . I called customer service and was bounced from customer service to claims and back to customer service.
After speaking to the customer service representative who told me there was nothing they could do, I asked to speak to a manager. The manager told me that someone had already tried to refund the fees using the automated system and that they were declined. I explained that the first person I spoke to probably did that before they transferred me to claims. The manager said I would need to have the company who charged me write a letter stating they did not have permission to charge my account to be able to refund the fees.
I asked if I should have filed a claim, which is what I thought I did, and the manager said that yes I could have filed a claim if I had let the item post. I mentioned that if I had waited the 2-3 days for it to post I would have had a negative account balance the whole time and would not have been able to use my debit card. The manager told me that this is what I was supposed to have done.
I pointed out that I got charged a stop payment fee and a returned item fee and I wanted to know why I got charged both, if the stop payment went through then why was there a return fee. The manager told me that I had a stop payment placed on the company name, but they charged me with a slightly different name and that is why I was charged both fees. I told him that was a technicality and he said he was sorry but that he was n’t going to do anything about it and ” if it was the first time you were complaining about fees, maybe I could do something. ” I asked if there was someone higher up I could talk to and the manager responded ” I ‘m the highest person that answers that phone. ”

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