Managed Email Marketing to the Rescue

In the slower economy business owners are forced to make cost cuts, and marketing and advertising might be a tempting area to trim around the edges. Instead of cutting marketing costs, you might want to consider realigning your budget with more effective means of advertising your business. The internet offers businesses more affordable—and more effective—means of marketing, but how do you take advantage of everything e-marketing involves?

Email marketing has several strategic benefits for business owners. Developing an email marketing campaign comes at a drastically lower cost than creating a direct mail advertisement. Think of the costs of designing, producing, and sending out direct mail flyers—a single campaign can cost over $5,000! Worst of all, how do you know if your campaigns are working? Who reads your advertisements? Are they even read, or are they simply thrown away? Email marketing provides a much lower cost for both development and deployment compared to direct mail advertising, and email marketing provides measurable results with delivery, open, and click-through rates.

Furthermore, email marketing can be targeted to directly reach those customers who will be most interested in your advertisement. Email contact lists can be divided into list segments—demographic categories to separate your customers by age, gender, geographic location or any other characteristic relevant to your business. With segmented lists you can send emails with messages specifically catered to your target audience. Targeted messages result in greatly improved return on investment, to the tune of $48.29 for every dollar spent according to a 2007 study by the Direct Marketing Association. Need more proof email marketing works? In a 2007 survey conducted by Epsilon Data Management, 73% of consumers surveyed said they had made an online purchase as a result of receiving an email offer while another 86% made an in-store purchase as a result of receiving an email.

So you’re on board with email marketing, but how do you create a campaign for your business? There’s one thing about sending an email, but it’s a whole other level to deliver a compelling message. If you’re like many small business owners, you might not have the resources in-house to create a powerful email marketing campaign. Hiring a professional writer and designer would be too expensive, and taking up the time of your current employees wouldn’t be beneficial either. In this case, you should consider managed email marketing.

With managed email marketing an outside agency will handle every aspect of your email marketing campaigns for your business. These agencies have a staff of writers and designers with the experience to create powerful editorial and compelling imagery to make the most out of your email advertisements.

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