Managing an account

On XXXX XXXX , 2017 my husband and I opened a checking account at Navy Federal Credit Union in XXXX , XXXX On XX/XX/XXXX I received an email saying that a member to member transfer had been set up on our account. The transfer was for someone by the name of XXXX XXXX XXXX . I did NOT set this up and I immediately contacted my husband to ask him. He did NOT set this up either and he became very alarmed. He advised me to call the bank immediately for help. I logged onto our account and found that a transfer was made to a XXXX XXXX XXXX in the amount of {$1100.00}. It left us with an account balance of {$0.00}. I immediately contacted NFCU and spoke to someone named XXXX @ XXXX . She told me she would need to close my current account immediately and stop all access to it. She also informed me that she would be opening a brand new account for us and transferring all current business to it. She said my husband and my access was restricted at the moment and we would need to call the next morning and start a fraud claim and get our access reinstated. The next morning I called NFCU and attempted to start the fraud claim but was told that my husbands information had been hacked/stolen and that he would have to call and make the claim. He immediately called and spoke to someone named XXXX ? ( no certain ) and then spoke to someone named XXXX in securities. Fraud Case # XXXX . He was informed that it would take 10 business days before we could find anything out. I went to the local branch here in XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX and spoke with an employee by the name of XXXX XXXX . He checked out all my information and confirmed everything. He gave me access into my new account and my debit card which was transferred from my old account to my new one. He told me if I have any more problems or questions to come back and see him. On Saturday XX/XX/XXXX when my husband returned home we went back to our local branch bank to see what more can be done. We spoke to XXXX who is the person that originally opened our account. She verified that the fraud case was given to an investigator on Friday XX/XX/XXXX and that it would be 10 business days from Friday for the investigator to figure out something. We do not understand why our money is n’t being refunded to us since this financial institution is Federally Insured to handle these situations. We were told by both bank employees that this is an in-house theft and that because of that we can not get provisional credit immediately back to our account. This is not right and unfair. We put our faith into this banking institution and now we have been robbed and in really no way compensated. The officials at the bank have refused to give us much information. They also will not tell us what law enforcement agency they will be using and we ‘ve been ignored on all requests to speak to the investigator. We suggested calling our local police or FBI and the NFCU securities department stated that they would not share any information with law enforcement without a subpoena. We are being led to believe that since this is an in-house crime NFCU is trying to hide something and do not want outside interference. It has been 9 calendar days since the incident and we have gotten no reassurance, no information, and no hope that we will recover our money which has been stolen. We feel that we have no option but to contact outside agencies for help.

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