Managing an account

My sister and I are beneficiaries on my grandmothers will. My grandmothers accounts were held at Citizens B ank in XXXX XXXX . The Branch Manager of th is branch XXXX XXXX XXXX transacted on my grandmothers accounts and helped the family even though she has married into the fa mily ( problem # 1 ). After my grandmothers passing, I was not informed of my beneficiary status u ntil XXXX XXXX 2015 which was two months after her passing. Once we were informed, we started asking about assets and were told that all accounts at Citizens were held jointly ( see attached letter ). After getting an attorney and finally receiving documents from the bank thru our respective attorney ‘s, my sister and I find this is not the whole truth. In fact their documents are contradictory ( see attached documentation, with notes ). T he letter from the Branch Manager states all accounts were joint three ways with each child of my grandmothers, when in fact the documentation from the office of the Chairman say they were joint just between two siblings. When you look further at the statements you will notice that one checking account does n’t reflect a joint statuts until the XXXX XXXX 2015 state ment which was after my grandmothers death. In addition one the signature card of this particular account says updated fiduciary signature card which would detail that of a POA relationship, not joint. The signature of my grandmother is not genuine and looks significantly different than those on the original cards as well. With so many discrepancies, we have asked the bank to fully investigate the Branch Manager to find out what occurred with these accounts, and to put them back to their original status so that they are considered part of the estate. Please note when I a sked the Branch Manager ab out the letter she wrote, she told me twice that ” it was her signature ” when asked if she typed it and if she wrote it on the date of XXXX XXXX 2015 . She did not lay claim to writing the letter. At this point I have only lies from this bank and contradictory information. The bank should legally have to investigate based on my complaint. The details they might not be able to explain to my sister and I, though they should be able to disclose their action and why there are discrepancies in their documentation. When I spoke to the office of the Chairman, specifically XXXX XXXX , she barely cared to take my concerns, and she cut me off telling me that I have no relationship to the account and she will disclose nothing. When I asked her to please hear me out and listen to all of the discrepancies we found in what she provided our attorney, she seemed uninterested. I asked what follow up I would have from her and she basically told me none because of my relationship to the accounts. I have every right to know what occurred on the accounts that to my recollection were not joint prior to my grandmothers death, and so those that benefited from those accounts, should have shared equally with my sister and I as we were all 1/4 ( my sister and I 1/8 ) equal beneficiaries. Citizens is hiding behind the titling of the accounts, and told me the only way for me to get resolution was to get a subpoena and to sue them. I will be also taking this action as my attorney is drafting the lawsuit as I write this. I ca n’t believe this mismanagement and covering that this bank has taken part in, after being informed on two separate occasions of this fraud.

Please see all of the attached documentation that the bank provided which is in complete contradiction to the letter that was sent by the Branch Manager o f the XXXX branch. There is also supporting documentation of the joint status not showing up until after my grandmothers death based on statements.

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