Managing the loan or lease

This is the second cfpb complaint that I had to make. After the first complaint they assigned a representative to my account by the name of XXXX . The first complaint Flagship Credit Acceptance did n’t fully address the issues. They wo n’t address the abusive, deceptive, threatening behavior that was done to me and that is currently going on now. Like now for instance it has been several occasions that the sign representative XXXX was unavailable or hadnt called me back and I had to call in basically the representatives they berate me, hang up in my face or they raise there voice at me almost all the time. I really would like to know why is Flagship singling me out. It has got to a point that they were treating me so badly that Flagship automatically placed a cease-and-desist on my account without me making the request. It became so unbearable that I asked if I can pay a lesser amount and pay the account off earlier than the maturity date so I can move pass this. The amount flagship decided I did n’t agree with and I asked how was the amount determined. I found out that management was deciding factor on the settlement amount. The same management team that threaten me. I expressed to flagship on several occasions that I felt as if it was a conflict of interest that the management team was a deciding factor when it was the management team that threaten me with the police. They did n’t acknowledge it. They even escalated my account to a director by the name of XXXX XXXX and he ultimately agreed with Management on the amount of settlement however at a later time he admitted he did n’t thoroughly review my account and he was n’t well educated in regards to the account. The last Arrangement was made that I will pay {$1400.00} on XXXX XXXX and I will pay the remaining balance {$600.00} before XX/XX/XXXX I did set up a payment for {$600.00} on XX/XX/XXXX however today XX/XX/XXXX I called in to modify the payment for XX/XX/XXXX and I was berated and verbally abused again and hung up on for no reason. I talked to XXXX first and she let me know that they no longer wanted her to discuss my account with me so she transferred me over to customer service. I talk to a representative in customer service that told me that the only way that I can modify or cancel a payment is if I talk to a manager she than transfer me over to a manager by the name of XXXX in customer service he came to the line and asked me what was the reason for me changing my payment I told him because I wanted to change the payment amount he raised his voice and say ” you do n’t take that attitude with me if you want me to help you you better be nice to me or I ‘m going to hang up in your face ”. I asked why was he talking to me like that. He hung up. I call back in and got another representative in customer service. I asked the representative why do Flagship treat me like XXXX when I call in. The representative States because of the language you ‘re using and implying that we treat you like XXXX I will hang up in your face. That representative transferred me over to a team lead by the name of XXXX I told her that I was only calling in to modify my payment and if it cant be modified to cancel the payment that was set up for XXXX XXXX she told me that she sent an escalated email to XXXX XXXX . I said I only want to change my payment. I said I ca n’t wait days for someone to call. I asked why do flagship treat me so badly. She states ” because your implying we treat you badly, I ‘m not going to call you out your name XXXX , There is nothing else I can do but I will hang up in your face ”. This is the behavior I ‘m encountering everytime I call in almost I feel as if I ‘m being singled out as if my account is flagged to be abusive deceptive and to treat me unfairly however in my last complaint last year XX/XX/XXXX I ‘ve already put in there I ‘ve worked with some of these people at a prior at a previous job I really want to know why they treated me so badly at this point.

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