On the Concept of Recognition In Network Marketing


Network marketing companies and recognition are like a married couple. I have a suspecting feeling that half the success of network marketing is due to the structure in which people are being recognized. If you look at our everyday life and the cycle in which most people operate, recognition doesnt belong.

Its not that they dont deserve to be recognized, but apart from good school grades and a pat on your shoulder when you clean your bedroom as a kid we dont get to hear how deservedly we are of success and that we all can be the next superstar in whatever we do.

As it happens, traditional parenting succumbs more to the scare crow tactics, rather than the empowering of the soul.

While gradually more and more people awaken to the positive side effects of personal development and recognition, most are stuck in their everyday reality.
In network marketing recognition plays a massive role for those involved. If you advance in your organization you could be recognized for many things; top sales, the best recruiter of the year or the person who rose to success in no time. These recognition factors play a huge role in any companys gathering. In fact, they form the basis on what most annual events and monthly meetings are all about.

As a greenhorn you see a never ending stream of people being called to the stage to be recognized by the company for their efforts. This often leads to super hero status of the individual within the company.

New team members flock around the “hero” and ask for photos, autographs and maybe even underpants for all I know.

This super star status is a dangerous inception since it blinds many to the real issues of the business. It actually diverts our attention from looking at the obvious to being blinded by the big show the company presents.

While recognition is great, unfortunately in network marketing it often leads to hype.

What do you think? Have you ever been to a hyped up meeting? or were you the receiver of recognition that made you the star?

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