Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

I previously submitted a complaint on XXXX XXXX , XXXX ( ID # XXXX ) that went into detail about several items on my credit report that were XXXX years old, that appeared to hurting my credit score t remendously ( XXXX ) that I wanted to dispute and have removed from my credit report. As mention in that original complaint, I have never been through this process before and was told by SEVERAL people I trusted ( attorneys, friends who have been through this process, etc ) that I needed to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help me with this process. It was my understanding that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( CFPB ) was formed to represent US citizens, who wanted to dispute items on their credit report, when dealing with the XXXX Credit Report Companies ( XXXX , Experian, XXXX ) , which I did. The end goal for me ( as mentioned in the original complaint ) was to dispute/remove numerous items from credit report, to increase it to a level where I can lease a new vehicle AS WELL AS help with other financial situations in the future. To date, I have yet to receive a response from ANY of the creditors whose credit payment information I disputed such as XXXX XXXX Bank, XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX , etc. By law it appears that if these companies do n’t respond to my complaint within 30 days, they have to remove their Credit Items from my Credit Report. Today marks the XXXX day since my dispute was filed with The CFPB. Today also marks the XXXX day after The CFPB responded saying that my complaints had been forwarded to all of the Creditors that listed Credit Items on my Credit Report. Per my rights under the laws that set these required response timelines, I am filing this complaint and requesting that since NO RESPONSES have been sent to me, that the CFPB assist me with having ALL of these Credit Items removed from my Credit Report ASAP. It is my understanding that sine my complaint was properly documented and sent, based on the response I received from the CFPB on XXXX XXXX , XXXX , there should be no reason this should n’t happen ASAP. I am very happy I was made aware of The CFPB, so there is a ” Fair and Legal ” middleman in place to help with this entire process ( starting with distributing the complaints and now helping me have all of these items removed from my Credit Report ). Thank you very much for all of your help! In the event something is required of me to help speed up this removal process, my cell phone is on file ( I do n’t want to list it herein per the instructions above telling me not to ). In the event nothing else is needed from me, I look forward to a response updating me on just how long this removal process will take. Due to the fact that I am running up against my lease maturity on my current vehicle and being forced to turn this car in and go lease a new one ASAP, I would greatly appreciate this removal process being expedited. Thank you again for everything you have and will do on my behalf!!! JCT

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