Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

I am a victim of Identity Theft, there is a company called XXXX XXXX XXXX that sent the credit bureaus a {$120.00} collection account to be posted to my credit file. This has caused an extreme hardship to me as I am a single father and was in the process of refinancing my home mortgage. Because of the negative posting on my credit file my interest rate went up. I have been striving to maintain a great credit score, nothing is paid late, everything is on time and I have no collections ; that is until this XXXX XXXX XXXX posted this {$120.00} debt on my file.All the credit bureaus have a fraud alert on file since I am a victim of identity theft ; both XXXX and XXXX have deleted this collection error from my credit file as they can clearly see I do maintain great credit. All my accounts are in great standings so a person in my position would not risk lowering my credit score for a debt of {$120.00}?? Last year the same debt was posted on my XXXX by a different collection company and was then deleted because of my identity theft situation. Now my problem is with Equifax, they have been no help whatsoever. Equifax would not allow me to upload any documents or get my annual credit report due to my fraud alert posted on my accounts. Equifax is supposed to be out of XXXX Georgia, when I try to call their numbers all calls go to the XXXX . I have been having communication issues as these Equifax agents ca n’t speak or understand XXXX properly. When Asked to have the number for their XXXX headquarters they say they do n’t have it but they can transfer my call ; each time I tried they put me on hold for 30-45 minu tes, I am assuming they think I will get tired and hang up. I never got to speak to anyone in their XXXX office but eventually a female who said she was from their Arizona office answered my call. I was trying to explain to Equifax that I am a victim of Identity Theft and that the {$120.00} XXXX XXXX XXXX account was not mine, it was a fraudulent account done by someone else. I also informed Equifax that I had submitted all the required Identity Theft documents including a Police Report at the time of my identity theft and in order for them to place a fraud alert on my credit files. The Equifax agent would not assist, they she told me that the Police Report expired?? I am a Law enforcement officer and have never heard that in my entire life. I also submitted a copy of the XXXX dispute form showing that they deleted this XXXX XXXX debt from my credit file with them, as well as XXXX not posting it on my credit file. Despite all the information given, Equifax has not shown me any interests in Assisting me to correct this credit reporting error on my credit file ; nor does Equifax show any concern that this XXXX negative collection for {$120.00} is destroying my Great credit score and affecting my interest rate on the refinance that I am currently working on. Equifax has an extremely high number of bad reviews and complaints on their website and on XXXX . Why is Equifax not held accountable for their poor customer service and for all the damages they do to consumers credit files. Equifax is literally ruining peoples lives and no one is holding them accountable or monitoring their business ethics. I am to believe Equifax is more a representative of the collection agencies and hope that you have poor credit to sell you their services. I have nothing positive to say about Equifax! Its a shame that the American Government allows equifax to control peoples lives through ruining their credit scores!

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