Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

Problem 1 : I have made several attempts to have XXXX # 1 rem ove incorrect information from my credit file , # 2 f orce XXXX to appropriately report on my file, and # 3 validate debts, and finally # 4 come into XXXX XXXX Compliance with ALL accounts on my credit file. XXXX always resolves any investigation that I request with ” Debt Verified ” or ” we verified this account belongs to you ” even if that is not what I am asking them for. I am seeking them to come into compliance. I am uploading one such account where they have given me that explanation AFTER I received a letter from the collection agency that the alleged account was closed in their ( XXXX XXXX ‘ ) office. How then, could XXXX have possibly verified the account and determined that it was reporting as it should, without removing it from my credit file since the company reporting it stated ( in writing that the account was closed in their office )? Impossible! This leads me to believe that this is the path XXXX has taken on every single dispute that I have submitted to them. I have attached the first 4 p ages of the report XXXX sends back to me stating they have verified or validated the accounts. Obviously, this is not true Below is the list of accounts they are not properly reporting through and violating FCRA laws and compliance : XXXX XXXX acct # XXXX XXXX Acct # XXXX XXXX XXXX Acct # XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Acct XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Acct # XXXX XXXX Acct # XXXX I have attempted to attach the copy of the letter the collection agency sent me ( XXXX XXXX ) stating the account is closed in their office ( XXXX sent it back a s “ v erified ” and refused to remove from my credit file ). Even the account numbers listed are partial and incomplete account numbers. Problem 2 : Trying to get these inaccuracies, incorrectly reporting, and only alleged accounts I have had to file disputes with XXXX . On XXXX I called in to see why was it that my score dropped from XXXX ( dated X/XX/17 ) to XXXX ( dated X/X/17 ) and was told by the following agents that it was because I had filed disputes : XXXX ( agent id # XXXX ), XXXX ( agent id # XXXX ), and supervisor XXXX ( agent id # XXXX ). To my knowledge filing a dispute does n’t adversely affect your score. Why is XXXX punishing the consumer ( me ) for trying to make them come into compliance according to FCRA and XXXX XXXX ? There were not any new activity that would cause my credit score to drop XXXX pts. I was told that once the investigation was complete my score MIGHT go back up. Since when has decreased scores been allowed to be used to deter consumers from filing disputes? Also, I have uploaded the latest letter that I have sent XXXX ( da ted XXXX ) trying to get them to come into XXXX XXXX Compliance with my accounts. I am aware that an investigation takes 30 days however, this is not the first letter that I have sent about XXXX XXXX Compliance to the.

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