Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

On X/X/17 I called XXXX XXXX XXXX @ XXXX regarding a debt that they purchased from XXXX XXXX and spoke with XXXX XXXX . I stated that in no form or fashion that I am admitting to the debt that is trying to be collected, I am simply trying to make a settlement payment and not payment arrangements because it is not my debt but being reported on my credit report. The operations manager stated ( XXXX XXXX ) th at this debt is in a non-collection status. He stated that in order for me to make a one time settlement payment I had to state that ” I was not disputing this debt ”. I stated on a recorded line that ” I am not admitting to this debt in no form or fashion and I am simply stating that I am willing to make a good faith payment for the account that is not mines to be removed ” .Even though XXXX XXXX XXXX purchased the debt from XXXX XXXX , when I contacted XXXX XXXX they stated I do not ow the debt to them. I have nothing to do with this company purchase, XXXX XXXX stated I do not owe the debt to them so I am disputing the debt with this company as debt that is not mines. This debt can not be validated with copies of statements there is NO CONTRACT/ AGREEMENT with XXXX XXXX XXXX FOR THE AMOUNT BEING STATED THAT IS OWED. If the debt that is being reported in a non-collection status with the company that is reporting to the credit bureau then why is it being reported on my credit report and if this debt was not validated by the credit reporting agency then it should not be reported by the credit bureau. There was no contract sent to me that was signed by be from the credit bureau from the comp any ( XXXX XXXX XXXX stating that I owe money that was being reported as my debt ) on the credit report it states : Disputed, resolved, consumer disagrees. If this debt was resolved then why is the operati ons manager from XXXX XXXX XXXX stating that it is in a ” non -collection ” status and the credit bureau is currently reporting it as my debt. You say that you have reinvestigated these accounts but youve admitted that all you have done is parroted information given to you by other sources and shifted the burden back to me to contact the original creditor to verify these accounts which is clearly in violati on of 1681 ( a ) ( 4 ). I also asked you to give me the name of the person in your company who verified the accuracy of these accounts but you ignored this request as well which is another violati on of Federal Law and evi dence of your willful disregard of the law. your company must be willing and able to produce a document in your files that proves th e account ( s ) in dispute belong to me and the information being reported is accurate and you must be able to do this in a court of law if I file a lawsuit against you. Someone in your company must authenticate the documents in your files that were used to verify the disputed accounts and to do this they must have 1st hand knowledge of the alleged account ( s ) and all that has ever transpired for the alleged account ( s ), under oath and under the penalty of perjury. As I am sure that you are well aware, current Federal case law states that, Consumer Reporting Agencies bear grave responsibilities to ensure the accuracy of the accounts they report on and their responsibility must consist of something more than merely parroting information received from other sources. The Courts have also ordered that a Reinvestigation that merely shifts the burden back to the consumer and the credit grantor can not fulfill the obligations imposed by 1681 ( a ) ( 4 ). You have ignored my request to provided me with the documents that you have in your files that you used to verify the disputed accounts which means that you have NOT verified or you can not verify any of these accounts and under Section 611 ( 5 ) ( A ) of the FCRA you are required to promptly DELETE all information which can not be verified. The law is very clear as to the Civil liability and the remedy available to me for negligent noncompliance ( Section 617 ) if you fail to comply with this Federal Law.

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