Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

CFPB Complaint Equifax process of investigation and results.

This is a follow-up complaint but not a duplicate complaint to CFPB XXXX submitted X/XX/16 . XXXX XXXX had updated account XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX as paid with the CRAs and I disputed through the CRAs. I also sent a direct dispute to XXXX XXXX requesting date paid ( see attached letter ). XXXX deleted this account and Equifax sent a credit file dated XX/XX/XXXX that showed XXXX XXXX still reporting paid ( see attached Equifax credit file dated XX/XX/XXXX ) As a result on XX/XX/XXXX I filed a complaint against Equifax. The following is Equifax response to that CFPB Complaint XXXX Please be advised XXXX XXXX XXXX Account number XXXX has been verified by creditor as reported with your Name, Social Security number. Date of birth and address. Please contact XXXX XXXX XXXX directly at ( XXXX ) XXXX regarding additional concerns or questions.

I have tried contacting XXXX XXXX XXXX several times and they just keep responding with unsigned letters that Equifax won t accept. Letters from creditors have to be signed with a contact name, date and on bank letterhead, this is according to Equifax representatives.

I filed a CFPB complaint against XXXX XXXX XXXX and ask about account number XXXX . My complaint was forwarding to the OCC, who p rovided the following response to my question ; XXXX XXXX reported that account number beginning in XXXX and ending in XXXX is not a XXXX XXXX XXXX account number . ( See OCC letter dated XX/XX/XXXX ) The OCC signs there letters with Customer Assistance Group I n ot sure at this point if those letters have any authority over Equifax or if it would change the outcome of Equifax investigation that r esulted in a verification that XXXX XXXX is reporting under account number # XXXX . ( Ple ase see attached Equifax Credit File da ted XX/XX/XXXX ) On XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX Mountain Time, a dispute was filed with Equifax, representative was XXXX , the dispute request, delete the XXXX XXXX XXXX remarks Account Transferred or Sold ; I requested that Equifax send XXXX XXXX there letter of response to my direct dispute over updating the account to paid and ask them to sign there letters, so Equifax can update the account correctly as sold and transferred to XXXX XXXX XXXX . I have attached the following documentation : Equifax Credit File XX/XX/XXXX , Letter of direct dispute, dated XX/XX/XXXX sent to XXXX XXXX over account being reported paid, XXXX XXXX response to direct dispute, dated XX/XX/XXXX Copy of certified mail direct dispute sent to XXXX XXXX , Copy of certified mail sent letters and proof of direct dispute to Equifax, Copy of letter from OCC da ted XX/XX/XXXX , Copy of CFPB complaint XXXX , Copy of this CFPB complaint

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