Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

My complaint is against Experian Credit Bureau and XXXX Credit Bureau. These credit reporting agencies continue to engage in unfair reporting practices. I have disputed the following accounts to no avail : 1. XXXX XXXX – Account Number : XXXX …. The creditor inaccurately reported the account as charged off when it fact it was paid directly to the company prior to being charged off. There were several inaccuracies in this reported account, and each time it was disputed, Experian and XXXX allowed the company to keep changing their report instead of demanding actual proof and documentation of the account. The creditor initially reported this as an installment loan – which is was not. The balance was NEVER correct. And now the creditor is reporting it as paid in a settlement, when in fact – the correct and actual balance of the account was paid. Which was less than the creditor ever reported. Each time I disputed this account, Experian and XXXX entered the dispute as being a ” Not My Account ” dispute and then came back saying it was ” verified as my account ” I knew it was my account, however the details were incorrect. I used the online method, as well as calling the bureau directly. Because of these disputes, the creditor continued to say it was my account. At this point it is still reporting incorrectly and the creditor agreed to remove the account totally from my credit report. I am asking Experian to request the full documented history on the account instead of just electronically verifying the ownership. This account should be removed as promised.

2. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX , IL XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX Account Number : XXXX …. This company entered a fraudulent judgment against me for an amount I never owed. The courts verified this and the judge therefore vacated the judgment in its ‘ entirety. This account was supposed to removed from my credit report completely. I sent Experian and XXXX documentation concerning this account, including the judge ‘s orders and they still continue to report this account as verified as accurate. They allowed the creditor ” XXXX XXXX ” to continue to report this as an open and unpaid account for several months after this was resolved. I have suffered enormous damage as a result of the inaccurate reporting that Experian and XXXX continue to say was ” verified as accurate. ” How was this verified as accurate when I sent the judge ‘s orders, as well as receipts from the creditors attorney – months ago. Most recently now Experian simply updated it and change the balance to XXXX . Experian and XXXX needs to request the complete history of this account, including all documentation from the attorney etc, and this will prove that the company participated in fraudulent reporting on behalf. This derogatory account is supposed to be completely removed from my credit report.

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