Problem with a credit reporting company’s investigation into an existing problem

My husband and I have been disputing serious error reporting to all XXXX bureaus with XXXX XXXX be fore the end of last year. No mortgage at all showing on XXXX , and serious delinquent status on both Equifax and XXXX . Finally after a XX/XX/XXXX disp ute the information was updated. My score went up XXXX plus points in a matter of days. Then poof within weeks it was gone again. Payments that we had made on time vanished, my husband ‘s report was showin g 60-90 days late. I kept disputing, with Equifax and XXXX and in XX/XX/XXXX still nothing had been reported to XXXX that we even had a Mortgage payment. Each investigation yielded nothing wrong on XXXX XXXX part. In XX/XX/XXXX I actually received a letter from XXXX XXXX stating the same fact, there is nothing wrong with the reporting. Meanwhile our rates on everything have skyrocketed because they were trashing our credit. I kept up the the disputing and finally I called XXXX XXXX again and went off about how much I have cried and how much they have been costing us. So they connected me with the executive division on escalating problems. It was finally discovered that there had been an accidental suppression on our credit report in 2014 . Oops, according to the written documentation they had contacted all XXXX bureaus on XX/XX/XXXX to lift the suppression. But that did not happen, i watched our credit score and then I called all XXXX bureaus and confirmed they had never received any such documentation from XXXX XXXX . The only update was that we were ” current ” but as of this day, they are still not accurate and have not been fixed. I finally had received a letter from XXXX XXXX stating that their investigation was complete and we still had to wait 90 days for everything to update. Meanwhile I just received a notice that our car insurance which once was {$110.00} a month with XXXX XXXX XXXX in 2014 has now increased to {$150.00} a month after I called to lower the coverage because our rates kept going up. Homeowners insurance same thing, was XXXX a year and now is over {$1400.00} a year. So as of this date I still do n’t show on my credit monitoring services that I have even made a payment for almost a year now. Even though XX/XX/XXXX payment was just made on XX/XX/XXXX . I have submitted all the letters from XXXX XXXX stating it was their fault and banking proof the payments had been made with copies of transaction codes whom the payment was going to and amounts. Still they will not fix it until they receive it from XXXX XXXX . Equifax is the worst, I had collections items that had been paid off in the middle of XX/XX/XXXX and they are still showing open and unpaid. Even submitting copies of paid checks does n’t make a difference. XXXX was actually caring and concerned enough about this gross of an error they actually placed a call to XXXX XXXX directly and we had a XXXX way conversation. Only to hear more excuses from XXXX XXXX . This is not the only problem we have had with XXXX XXXX , I have voiced concerns about our escrow balance. Our property taxes and homeowners insurance total a little over {$3600.00} a year but at the end of last year end of year balance was well over XXXX yet we were negative in escrow. We did receive a check last year for XXXX from them with an apology for being a victim of one of their ” issues ” they have recently been having. Recently we also received a check for {$18.00} as part of the class action lawsuit. We are trying to sell our house and move, ca n’t do it until their errors are fixed. Considering taking legal action against them and the credit Bureaus that wo n’t correct the mistakes on our reporting even with documentation. The financial stress not to mention the emotional distress of spending countless hours trying to fix this and our credit.

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