Problem with a purchase shown on your statement

I was the victim of identity theft which I repor ted in XX/XX/XXXX . I received the assistance/guidance from XXXX from the Identity Theft Resolution Department, a service which I pay USAA monthly for. I followed all instructions as provided by USAA, filing reports with the FTC and XXXX Police Department and provided USAA with all requested case numbers. It took USAA quite a while to correct the fraudulent billing errors as they were on multiple USAA credit cards, during which time their agents repeatedly reported the same c ase multiple times instead of updating the existing case. In the end I had to get help from someone in the CEO ‘s office who got everything corrected. I received letters stating the credits were now permanent and the the investigation had been concluded in my favor.

Despite being against consumer protection and way beyond the 90 days allowed by law to finalize any billing dispute as allowed by law in XX/XX/XXXX more than 12 billing cycles later, without any notice, documentation or explanation USAA has charged me back for all the ” permanent credits ” on only one of my affected credit cards. USAA has refused to provide any explanation, information or documentation for the charges despite my repeated requests.

I have been told USAA re-investigated the case on my XXXX XXXX Card only because because of a new fraud claim opened on my debit card. One which was only opened because the USAA agent I spoke with was unsure how to open the claim from my utility company charging me for someone else ‘s bill. It was under USAA ‘s guidance and suggestion that the new claim be processed as fraud. Now because of their own suggestion they have charged me back without notice or reason on an unrelated credit card despite the new claim being investigated and found in my favor.

To make matters worse, USAA has begun taking adverse action against me with out providing any notice as required by law. Not only have they limited access to my credit card in question, but they have limited my access to all my accounts I currently have with USAA. I am unable to pay my bills, view the balances of my checking, credit, investment, auto loans, insurance accounts, transfer funds, access my insurance statements or policies. I am unable to view or respond to messages fro m USAA, or even access my funds electronically in any of my accounts. USAA has als o made several reports to the credit reporting agencies regarding the disputed charges which has lowered my overal credit rating. Even though legally USAA is required to provide notice prior to taking any adverse action, and legally not allowed to take adverse action while an account is being disputed I never received any advance notice or documentation of ANY kind despite repeated requests and phone calls regarding any of these actions. Additionally, I have made repeated attempts to conta ct USAA regar ding these many problems. Most recently I left multiple voicemail ‘s for XXXX in the CEO ‘s office. Finally on XX/XX/XXXX , weeks later I received a call which went straight to my voicemail from XXXX , I attempted to contact her immediately but was sent straight to voicemail. At which time I called the CEO ‘s of fice and spoke with XXXX , who informed me XXXX was currently on another call, but would have her call me back ASAP. It is not after hours o n XX/XX/XXXX me aning the bank is closed until Monday XX/XX/XXXX and I have yet to receive any accessible form of communication from XXXX . I have been calling and trying to get these many issues and violations of my legal rights corrected as I need to pay my other bills for a month now. USAA has effectively without notice, cause or justification effectively put a strangle hold on my finances preventing me from being able to pay any of my bills, view or access any of my accounts which will begin causing massive penalty fees and destroy my credit rating even further than they have already.

USAA ‘s refusal to this day to adhear to the legally alloted time frame for billing disputes, violation of documented notices and agreements provided by USAA, provide any notice, documentation, respond or communicate to my requests in a reasonable or timely manner, in addition to taking adverse action on my credit report, affected card and every other USAA accounts has violated multiple consumer protection laws

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