Problems caused by my funds being low

My checking account was charged XXXX overdraft fees over a period of time of approx one week because of an overdraft that then cascaded into fee after fee after fee because of negative balance transactions in the account. XXXX fee? fine. XXXX or more fees fees is not fair. I asked the bank to refund some of the fees, they refused because I have had fee reversals in the past. However they did not care that the fee reversals were because my account had been hacked. They said my account is ” ineligible ” I looked into the history of my account and there was a period where I deposited money to try to correct the situation, but all the fees have eaten up all of that that it all started again … .there are at least {$200.00} IN FEES AND I DID N’T EVEN HAVE XXXX $ to my name during that period.

The bank also only sent me an email alert today XXXX XXXX, of an overdrawn account … while for days I have been racking up fees. And never was there an alert that I was getting continual fees.

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