Problems caused by my funds being low

I overdrafted my account at the ATM in order to pay a bill but immediately deposited cash back into the ATM in order to bring my account back over XXXX dollars in positive balance. SunTrust ‘s policy is to waive overdraft fees if they are covered in the same day. The next morning I woke up to see that SunTrust had charged me XXXX dollars in overdraft fees in order to bring my account overdrafted again. As I already deposited all my cash into the ATM, I ca n’t do anything to bring the account back into the positive. When I called and talked to multiple supervisors and managers, they said they would lower the fee by XXXX dollars as a once-per-year courtesy but they could n’t do anything else. They said if I deposited money into the ATM literally ” minutes ” earlier I would have been charged nothing. I find this to be extremely predatory and a trap to keep me in debt so that they can keep racking up their exorbitant overdraft fees. As a new customer who recently joined SunTrust and linked my direct deposits with their bank account, I feel I have been treated deceptively and dishonestly.

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