Problems caused by my funds being low

This is my fifth complaint against Key Bank because of excessive overdraft fees. I am attaching documentation that shows how confusing and dishonest Key Bank ‘s posting practices are. Unfortunately, this kind of theft affects people like me who do not have assets and have poor credit. Otherwise, I would have an overdraft protection account and I would never incur these fees. This is not only about my funds being low, because actually my funds are n’t low right now and I incurred the last XXXX overdraft notices with a positive balance! Now that ‘s Key Bank Magical Accounting for you! I ‘m posting this now but i am accumulating some other concerns that I am noticing now that I am having to pay attention so closely to my account and not rely on Key Bank to do the math. Some of my items disappear from the ledger at times. The other thing that is happening now is that my pending items are coming out of pending status quickly. I will be addressing these things in future complaints. This is takes an incredible amount of my time. I am doing this for other folks who for various reasons are not able to study their accounts. There is no reason why the bank can not add and subtract well enough to keep track of people ‘s balances. I do n’t even know how much I actually have in the bank now. I do n’t know how to find out either. I have a ledger that I keep for my own records and it does not coincide with Key Bank ‘s accounting. Key Bank changes the order of debits and credits in order to receive overdraft funds from people who do not have assets or good credit in order to protect themselves from this stealing in which this bank participates. I have attached the overdraft notice that I received this morning XX/XX/XXXX. And I have attached the ledger from XX/XX/XXXX copied at several times during the day to show first that there is no record in the ledger itself of the XXXX that is credited to the account with the deposit that I made that morning. It shows up in the balance part of the ledger at the top of the page but not in the description. In addition, this same deposit that was made at the ATM disappears later in the day. as does the XXXX debit. Where do they go? There is a note that says that Key Bank is working on the account and some items might not be available, but the question is why would that deposit disappear when it was visible throughout the day as well as the XXXX charge. I have gotten XXXX overdrafts this week for moving money from my basic checking to the Hassle Free account which is my son ‘s account. They are both my accounts. I should not be penalized for moving my money around between accounts. So on XX/XX/XXXX I started the day with a positive balance and ended the day with a positive balance having deposited XXXX into my account. Yet I bounced XXXX items, though I was only charged for XXXX. this is very unclear unprofessional accounting. If I did not have direct deposits coming into this account, I would close it. And the thing about it is that it would not matter to key bank at all if they lost my business. They do not care about their customers as evidenced by the fact that I have spent a lot of time this week complaining because of their over draft practices and they keep overdrafting me even with a positive balance. Get it together Key Bank. Adding and Subtracting are basic math skills that you should have. Stop reordering items to benefit yourselves. Give people a break. Last month you bounced XXXX debit transactions of mine that came all together to a little over XXXX You made almost XXXX $ off of those transactions.

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