Problems caused by my funds being low

PNC Bank paid XXXX of my online checks a day earlier than I had scheduled it to be sent. When scheduling an online bill to be paid the actual field is labeled SEND ON and then you can click on a calendar and select a date. I selected my payment to SEND ON XXXX/XXXX/15. It cleared my account on XXXX/XXXX/15, creating a negative balance, so now I have incurred a fee of {$36.00}. When I called PNC Bank, I was told that their policies and practices are explained in the fine print, so they would not refund the fee. So evidently, somewhere the fine print reads, any check you request the bank to SEND ON a specific date, could possibly be sent much earlier and actually CLEAR your account before the SEND ON date you requested? Well is n’t that a win-win for the banks. WIN … .their operations do n’t have to be responsible or intelligent and the language they use can be deceptive. WIN … .they can charge a fee when a payment clears earlier and makes an account negative. XXXX are collected by banks through these fees and on processes the banks have DESIGNED to produce fees. As long as they disclose their inept practices and warn the consumer that their inept practices could cost the consumer, it ‘s all legal? If the consumer did n’t bother to read and comprehend the XXXX page legal-eze that appears before they click to sign up for a service, then any nasty thing that happens is legally the consumers fault? Is it now even legal for banks to use deceptive language, like SEND ON?

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