Problems caused by my funds being low

To whom it May Concern, I, XXXX XXXX, hereby declare that I have been a loyal customer of bank of America since 1998. I have changed accounts four times for security reasons, but I never left my bank. It has been about ten months or so since that the overdraft fees that bank of America charges have become outrageous. Bank of America reorders debit card transactions/e-bill payments and withdraws in various ways ( usually placing the higher amounts first that will leave customers with negative balances XXXX, therefore ; the average client will be left with more than a few costly overdraft fees. Every time I have called to complain about how my available balance changes from day to day, the supervisors and customer representatives tell me that the automatic system rearrange transactions in different ways. Sometimes the automatic system will process larger transactions first and others the system will not process transactions correctly over the weekend. Consequently, on Monday morning the average costumer will be surprised with a bunch of overdraft fees. I have asked supervisors and customer reps to amend the mistakes that the automatic service makes. Some managers will waive a few charges. Others, like the last supervisor I spoke with will tell me that if I balance my account using my phone or a computer, I am destined to pay overdraft fees every week. If that is the truth, why does bank of America promotes mobile applications, online banking usage and online statements? Then, to make it more ridiculous the supervisor told me that if I kept doing my balance using paper and pencil and comparing it with my online balance, I was also destined to be charged hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees. Supervisors keep talking about the automatic service and blaming it for all overdraft fees like the automatic service is an electronic device that ca n’t be handled by human beings ( it has its own mind ). My sister who was a loyal customer for XXXX years of Bank of America left the bank because of the same reason : Bank of America is rearranging deposits and withdraws anyway they want, so they can make millions charging overdraft fees. Something has to be done to stop Bank of America for charging overdraft fees in order to increase costs to average consumers for their benefit.

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