Problems caused by my funds being low

I have a checking and savings account with Wells Fargo as well as a credit card through them ( which I did not ask for, but that ‘s a separate complaint ). I get paid on Fridays and over the weekend I made several purchases which posted as they were meant to on Monday. On Monday evening I logged into my online banking to check my account before sending {$20.00} to my credit card and then making a purchase with money I sent from my savings account. This morning I saw that my purchase had been shipped and so I logged in to my Wells Fargo online banking only to find an overdraft of {$35.00} on my account ostensibly for the {$20.00} I had sent to my credit card the night before. I have attached a screenshot of my online banking taken around XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/16.
When I called Wells Fargo to ask them to explain why they had allowed a payment from that account ( I have it set to decline any charge which would cause an overdraft, something which they have repeatedly abused ) if there was n’t the {$20.00} in that account, they said that after that charge, which on the online system is listed as the cause for that overdraft fee ( not the other purchase I made, which posted on Tuesday ), I had {$13.00} left in that account but they were not authorized to refund me the overdraft fee, even though it was clearly and obviously fradulent.
Now, because I have a {$35.00} overdraft fee I ca n’t cover the purchase that went through Tuesday, and will have to get another {$35.00} fee on that purchase. I ‘m going to try to go into my local branch but you ‘d think that a ), they would n’t have let the payment to my credit card go through if that money was n’t in the account ( which there was ), and b ), would either have been able to refund me the {$35.00} overdraft fee so that I could pay for the new charge, or at the very least, c ), would cancel the new charge so that I could resolve the problem without incurring a second overdraft charge. This is RIDICULOUS, and it happens with Wells Fargo all the time.
In addition to this latest outrage, I have caught them several times re-enrolling me in the system that allows overdrafts to happen, a system which is legally supposed to be opt-in, not opt-out. I ‘m about to move on to a credit union, but I ‘m on a budget and I simply ca n’t afford another spurious overdraft fee. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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