Problems caused by my funds being low

Dear CFPB, I am writing you because I am fed up with Fifth Third Bank taking advantage of my funds. Fifth Third Bank has gotten so comfortable with cashing checks through an account before applying the deposit when they come in at the same time. Fifth Third Bank is know for posting the incorrect date of the checks posted towards your account to look as if the checks posted before your deposit. Please know that I speak for my retired mother whom has been take advantage of too. My mom has been with Fifth Third Bank for 30 years and purchase her home through them as well. Due to me presently been laid off work I am just in tears about how they have been taking my money and getting rich unfairly at the sweat of the less fortunate in society. Please, please, investigate Fifth Third Bank and how they are cheating people out of there hard earned money.
I look forward to you helping me, Despondent Customer

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