Problems caused by my funds being low

I have had several bank accounts with Bank of America and XXXX, I am on XXXX so things are tight for me and I get overdrafts sometimes. I get my check once a month, they would sometimes not pay something or let go through just to apply XXXX or XXXX overdraft charges, you get a overdraft charge of XXXX, a nsf fee of XXXX and an extended overdraft charge fee once a week for as long as overdrafted. The accounts become overdrafted and you ca n’t pay back so they close the account, and show overdrafted your checking and your savings, they have yet to explain to me how you overdraft a savings account. The savings account is to help keep from overdrafts if you have money in it. Once the account is closed the negativity is showing in both savings and checking and when go to pay it they make you pay the savings and checking so you pay twice for the overdraft fees and whatever is paid through the checking account. The savings account should not go into negative as there is nothing taken out of it. I do n’t think it is right to have to pay XXXX accounts when only the checking account has over drafts and payments coming out of it.

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