Problems caused by my funds being low

Monthly fees of {$15.00} were taken out of my checking account starting in XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX without my knowledge. Bank ‘s explanation was these fees accrued because a minimum balance was not maintained.
I informed Citizen that I ‘ve had a checking account for over XXXX years and I was never told there was a minimum balance requirement. I was told the reason was, I had an additional mortgage account and because of that, the minimum balance was n’t a requirement. After my mortgage was paid off, I had to keep a minimum balance in my account.
My concern is that I was never notified of this, nor told that once my mortgage was paid off I was required to maintain a minimum balance. I was also told I signed up for electronic monthly statement and this is not correct either.
I am respectfully requesting that all my funds which were taken out for fees, be replaced in my checking account. Fee amounts total approximately {$180.00}.

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