Problems caused by my funds being low

At Bank Of America, I have had my personal & business checking account assessed with several NSF/Overdraft fees, since XXXX continuing into XXXX inspite of the fact that I was told the checking account has been linked with Bofa Credit card to avoid any fees and I covered the deficiency balance on numerous occasions the same day. Inspite of everything I have done to avoid getting hit with these fees, the account keeps getting charged with these erroneous fees. I contacted the personal banker, XXXX XXXX XXXX for this issue ( See email excerpt below ). I can not afford these fees as I ‘m already struggling financially and being a long-time bank customer, and have maintained account in good standing. I ‘m not getting any assistance from the bank for this issue.

From : XXXX Sent : Friday, XX/XX/XXXX XXXX To : XXXX Subject : RE : NSF fees Hello XXXX XXXX Thank you for reaching out to me thru email.
I did send the request already for your refund credit. As soon as I get the response from the request I will contact you.


XXXX XXXX Relationship Banker boa_logo XXXX CA XXXX Ph : XXXX Fax : XXXX XXXX From : XXXX XXXX [ XXXX ] Sent : Friday, XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX To : XXXX, XXXX Subject : NSF fees XXXX, Nice to meet with you last week for the NSF fees.
As of now, I still have not seen anything come through yet for credits..
Can you please let them know that my accounts were not linked to the Bofa Credit card and also I was not aware of the depositing funds the same day in the account..Main thing is that I was told to open the card to avoid NSF fees and yet I ‘m being charged on my Bus acct – XXXX & Personal account XXXX


Best Regards, XXXX

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