Problems caused by my funds being low

Charges for my purchases were shown pending on my chase checking account and my balance was reflecting these charges being taken out. A week later, my account was overdrawn. But the night before, my account was at a positive. Those pending charges from a week ago were the reason for the overdraft and resulted in 4 overdraft fees. Chase stated this was due to the pending transactions that expired so it was removed from my account and they posted to my account was merchant charged the transaction. I explained to chase that it is not fair to be charged overdrafts when we were not given the opportunity to correct the negative balance. I was unaware these charges disappeared from my account. If I knew my account would be at a negative balance, I would quickly deposit money to my bank account to avoid any overdraft fees. Instead, you are not give an opportunity to fix the negative balance. You are just surprised to see charges posted along with overdraft fees. Understand chase has no control when merchants posts transactions but neither do we, the customers. Chase said I should keep better track of my transactions but I ‘m relying on my bank to do that for me. If I have numerous transactions, how can I know when some of those charges disappear? Chase should be helping customers keep track of their finances, not swindle us to make money. They should allow a grace period for now posted charges for expired pending transactions to give us time to fix negative balances if they should arise. How can we keep track of our account if we see a positive balance the night before and get hit with overdrafts the very next day. This is unfair and should be illegal. It sounds like a scam that banks should not be allowed to do.

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