Problems caused by my funds being low

I Bank with Wells fargo, I went in to deposit a check on Saturday XXXX, XXXX. They said my account was overdrawn, I said how. The bank teller said I made a withdrawal at XXXX that morning, I said, impossible, I was at work. I went over and sat down with another bank employee and filed a fraud claim. I changed my pin number and they said, someone will be in touch with you in XXXX ten days and you will get your money back. I said, fine as long as I get my money back because I did not make a XXXX withdrawal. ( I have n’t made a withdrawal from that bank with my card in months. Nine days go by and I go to my Wells Fargo Bank, The bank that said I made this withdrawal from and ask how the investigation was going. The Bank employee ( XXXX, he was not very helpful ) XXXX put me threw to the claims agent. She said that my claim was denied. I said, how? I did not make that withdrawal and I was at work at the time you claim I made it. ( XXXX, Saturday, XXXX XXXX ). I said, I want you to send me that video of the ATM, that I was making the withdrawal. I want to see who it was. After about 5 minutes on hold, she, ( Did n’t get her name but believe me, I will find out ) comes back on and says, can I speak to the bank employee your with, I give him the phone and they are talking for a few mins. He, then turns around the screen, and it is a picture of me making a withdrawal at XXXX on Saturday, XXXX XXXX. Keep in mine that I was at work. I told the Bank employee ( XXXX ) that I had a time card showing, I was working XXXX at the time I was supposedly made this withdrawal. It was a picture of me but from a previous withdrawal that I had made months ago. They doctored, and tampered with the video and it, and said, XXXX on Saturday XXXX, XXXX. They said, they were sorry, there was nothing they could do. My word against the banks. There is that video, the phone conversation I had with the claim agent, and video of me at the other Well Fargo, branch of what I was wearing that day. They stole my last {$100.00} and my account was overdrawn. Hard to believe, who would go to such great lengths to rob a client out of {$100.00}? I was asking myself that question until I came up with it is much bigger than that, I presume. I ‘m sure they have done it to others. There is no question in my mine that they tampered with these tapes and made it look like me withdrawing money at that time. This some federal offenses and I am going to get justice. There is no way they can cover this up and say it was some kind of error, or mistake. This is a lot more about a {$100.00} dollars now. It is blatant fraud. I not only have a time card, and witness ‘s, but I have my own little video tape showing me at work, XXXX, between the hours of XXXX and XXXX, when they are showing me on tape making this withdrawal from their ATM. I am Livid, that a bank of this magnitude would go to these lengths for {$100.00}?, I think not!! Ca n’t wait to get to the bottom of this and here their story to try to cover it up. There is no way they can, and the proof is in the pudding. I saw the tape they had of me making a withdrawal of {$100.00} from their ATM at XXXX on Saturday, XXXX, XXXX, 2015. There is no questions, that scam and fraud are involved. Thank you for having this website, to try to protect people from these scumbags. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, XXXX XXXX

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