Problems caused by my funds being low

I submitted a claim on XXXX XXXX, 2015 about Santander Bank. I just returned to the U.S. from XXXX and received the letter they sent in response. In the letter it says they identified that I requested an ” All Debit Opt-Out ” in XXXX 2015. However, the letter states that the request was not submitted for processing until XX/XX/XXXX. First of all, I requested a complete opt-out of any form of over drafting when I first opened the bank account, a few years before. After getting hit with a {$35.00} fee I went in to complain and was told it had been fixed. This happened a few more times, before the clerks I spoke with at Santander finally managed to set the Standard Overdraft Opt-Out. Secondly, the letter acknowledges that I requested the All Debit Opt-Out in XX/XX/XXXX, yet for some reason they did n’t process that request until XX/XX/XXXX, but still held me responsible for the overdrafts that occurred during that period. Moreover, the letter states that an item may not decline if there were sufficient funds at the time the payment was requested, even if there no longer is by the time the payment is processed. This does not apply, as there were charges initiated on XXXX XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX XXXX that either pushed me into a negative balance or cleared after I was already over drafted by XXXX dollars or so. I was informed by a Santander representative that I should learn to manage my money better. On XXXX XXXX, 2015, over two months after Santander acknowledges that I requested an All Debit Opt-Out ( which, as aforementioned, I requested multiple times prior to that ), and two weeks after Santander acknowledges that they finally got around to submitting it for processing ( only after I sent multiple emails inquiring about what was happening ), I was told by a Santander representative via email that, ” Your recollection of clearly stating no overdrafts may be becoming more clear in retrospect. ” I have included the claim I submitted before, as Santander ‘s response restated their policies without addressing my specific complaints. The closest they came was when they said : ” In reviewing this matter we identified that you requested an All Debit Opt-Out for the account with our Oak Bluffs Branch in XXXX 2015. However, the request was not submitted for processing and only the Standard Overdraft Opt-Out election was on the account at the time the transactions were initiated. ” In addition to what I included in my previous claim, I would also like to know why the bank holds me responsible for something it took 2+ months to submit for processing.

Case number : XXXX

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