Problems caused by my funds being low

An unauthorized purchased was made to my savings account, I contacted the merchant and they immediately reversed the charge made by XXXX Merchant. Wells Fargo charged me {$35.00} fee. Called to reserve the Overdraft Protection Fee, because no service was render because service was n’t authorized to be made because the charge was authorized. Wells Fargo agent over the phone said the fee was legit because I did n’t have funds to cover transactions. I asked the agent if the transaction was reversed, Agent said yes, XXXX did not collect {$16.00} because they reversed it because it was authorized. Agent offered partial refund of {$26.00} for the Fee of {$35.00} leaving a debit of {$8.00}. I asked the agent why they did n’t refund entirely because no service was render, she said it was legit because service was rendered. I told her, no, Wells Fargo got the money. She said no. I asked her several questions in which she admitted no service was render and the fee was ” unnecessary ” because it was unauthorized. Although Agent could not herself refund entirely. Well Fargo sets high restrictions preventing employees to correct legal issues when unauthorized transactions take place, Wells Fargo penalizes consumers when unauthorized transactions take place from bank accounts that are forcefully attached to their XXXX account through a contract between Wells Fargo and XXXX allowing XXXX to add all banks accounts from consumers. XXXX account had an unauthorized charge, XXXX reserved charged. Wells Fargo received charged of {$16.00} by XXXX but was reserved by Merchant. Wells Fargo charged bank account holder {$35.00}, reduced it to {$8.00} when I complained. Wells Fargo Agent over phone said it was ” unnecessary ” for the fee but under restrictions set by Wells Fargo was unable to provide the full refund to a service that was never rendered/authorized. Wells Fargo Agent made every attempt to place the blame on me, but after questioning the agent through a varies of legal questions whether a bank can legally place a fee on an unauthorized bank transactions, she could not defend the company. Admitted it was ” Wells Fargo ” who placed the fee on the transaction, but admitted it was n’t the consumer ‘s fault because the fee was ” unnecessary. ”

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