Problems caused by my funds being low

I had fraud on my business account debit card.With in 4 days I had 2 Airline tickets purchased from XXXX. I reported them to Navy Federal Credit Union ( My bank ) but they are not believing me and this has caused my bills not to be paid because the account went overdrawn by this fraud and my bills got returned and in returned I get charged for the returned fees which cost me a lot of money for each of this bill. The most annoying is how they bounce my bills back when I had enough money in my account for my bills the previous day but they honor a fraud that was not even pending on my account.The shocking part was they adjusted my account transaction showing as if I transferred the money after the fraud happen and bills get bounced back.
I am so angry, I have been trying to contact them but they are not helpful at all. I even let them know I will be contacting financial ombudsman.

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