Problems caused by my funds being low

US Bank offered me a payment arrangement via XXXX Mail for my overdrawn checking accounts. I entered into an oral agreement to make a monthly payment for XXXX for each checking account overdrawn while the accounts remained active and go back to a XXXX balance. I was told by US BANK to make my monthly payments on the XXXX of each month. The payments were due the following month XXXX and XXXX. I did not make the payment on the XXXX due to paying electric, gas and mortgage.. Approximately XXXX after the XXXX US Bank debited my accounts for XXXX which equal {$210.00}. I called US BANK to ask why are you withdrawing funds from my account without my permission? I did not authorize US BANK withdraw payments from my checking accounts. The XXXX thing US BANK REP said to me was Awwww we are n’t suppose to debit your checking accounts, you ‘re suppose to make the payments on your own. US BANK REP said its an error call the recovery dept and let them know what is going and I ‘m sure that department will refund your account. I called to no avail and waste of my time. I was told to called the XXXX XXXX Ohio Branch and talk to manager she refused to refund my acct. They claim I was told the debits would happen monthly. I said not true I never signed anything either. I would never agree to US BANK debiting my account monthly for repayment plan. We ‘ll US BANK not only debits my checking accounts monthly without my permission, US BANK will cause my accounts to overdraw and then charged more overdraft fees? I did not agree or sign anything agreeing to US BANK debiting my checking accounts for the payments of XXXX and on top that charging me an overdraft fees for overdrawing my accounts. As of XXXX my accounts are overdrawn with another overdraft fee of {$36.00} because US BANK debited each checking account for {$100.00} which overdrew my accounts. Clearly US BANK could see there was less than {$50.00} in each account. A few months ago US BANK charged me another overdraft fee after debiting my XXXX checking accounts for XXXX without my permission for the payment plan. US BANK refuses to refund my overdraft fees due to US BANK unauthorized debits to my checking accounts for monthly payment plan. I tired of all these extra fees. Example my account was positive on XXXX and woke up on XXXX it was overdrawn so before XX/XX/XXXX I transferred the funds over from XXXX US BANK checking account to the other and I was still charged overdraft fee of {$36.00}. US BANK continues to overcharge my account with UN-necessary overdrafts fees. This is unfair cause I ‘m already struggling to repay them overdraft fees accumulated on my account because a merchant kept trying to electronically debit my account and US BANK could see there was no money in the account but each time the merchant try to debit, the debit was unpaid and a overdraft fee of {$36.00} and {$25.00} weekly fee. XXXX my accounts were positive XXXX accounts are negative because of XXXX debits {$100.00} = {$210.00} plus I was charge another overdraft fee of {$36.00}. US BANK has to stop this mess, its unfair. I made the agreement in good faith but I never agreed or signed anything stating US BANK could debit my accounts for a total of {$210.00}. I ca n’t pay US BANK before I pay my mortgage, gas, water and electric bill. I try calling and asking for refunds of these fees this morning to no avail. I called and try to talk to manager in XXXX three months ask for the overdraft fees back at least I was told no and this was after my accounts were debited over {$300.00} for the payment plan without my permission. Because one month my account was not debited by US BANK. I called US BANK over and over again told them I never agreed to you debiting my account. I was told when signing up over the phone for repayment plan I was to make the payment and I was never told US BANK would debit my account monthly

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