Problems caused by my funds being low

I am a long-term customer of PNC bank and often use its branch located on XXXX, XXXX, IL XXXX. I usually keep my account in good standing and have sufficient funds. On Saturday, XX/XX/2017 I deposited a check in the amount {$880.00} which was in certified funds at the PNC branch. So, I expected this check to be cleared by Monday XXXX XXXX, 2017 morning. When I checked my balance on Wednesday, XX/XX/2017, I noticed XXXX {$36.00} debit transactions applied on my account. On Thursday XX/XX/2017 I visited PNC branch on XXXX. and asked the teller for explanations. He advised that this was XXXX charges for XXXX ” overdraft ” checks which apparently were cleared by PNC on Monday. When I asked the manager to reverse the fees since my account actually had funds ( which were in certified checks ), the manager tried to do some transaction but advised me that she can not reverse {$72.00} fees. I found it very unfair and unjust. Like I said, I am a long-time customer, and most recently this branch changed many of its personnel which definitely negatively affected the quality of customer service. When my relative had a similar issue before, the customer service representative invited him in the office and reversed similar fees without any problems. This new branch manager did not invite me to the office and seemed not to be very interested to help. I choose PNC as my fiduciary to hold my money in the same manner as I would do it. If PNC knew that I have certified funds available and they see two checks coming at the same time, they should not process them until they confirm that these certified funds are available. It seems that PNC bank simply tried to obtain unjust enrichment at my detriment, and it appears to be PNC regular practice. I found XXXX complaints against PNC where customers were billed unlawful and excessive fees and fines. For example, one customer wrote that ” I missed a line of credit payment due to not receiving the bill on time. I was notified via mail about this from PNC. As soon as I received the letter I call their XXXX customer service number to get it resolved. They could n’t help me so I had to go to a branch. I went to the first branch where I wrote a check for the missed payment but they said they could n’t do anything about the fees without a manager approval. So I went to another branch who told me they could n’t help so I had to go to a third branch. At this point, I learned that the check I wrote was deposited by the first branch a regular monthly payment instead of toward the missed payment. Long story short, I have {$140.00} of fees for a missed payment of {$110.00}. I am livid with the bank. They are unwilling to waive anything which is beyond unreasonable. This is not the first problem I have had with them. PNC is one of the more aggressive banks for credit but beware … they are terrible to deal with. Absolutely the most incompetent people work here. ” I agree with the previous review, {$72.00} ” overdraft fee ” when money are sitting on the account seems unfair and deceptive. PNC highly benefit from having me as a customer, in many ways – attract investors, receive more funds from ; lower taxes for profitability, ect. At the same time PNC are not shy to unjustly enrich themselves charging me {$72.00} in one click while bear to repeat, I HAD money on my account. As another customer said : ” They stole my money. They chose greed over customer loyalty or fair dealing. ”

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