Problems caused by my funds being low

I open up a checking account with TD bank sometime back. When the account was open. I was told it was a free checking account. I was also told in order for me to open a custodial account., I need to open a checking account. I was told it was free and never was told you need a minimal balance to maintain. So I open the account.

During all that time, I was never aware that the checking account I had, was charging me fees. Just for having the account. I had no way of knowing, what was going on with the account. Because, TD bank. never sent me any statement. So I was never aware what was going on with the account. I just assume, knowing I was not taking anything out, the account was fine.

On XX/XX/XXXX I receive a letter claiming that by account was charge fees. That I needed to be pay before the account was set to close, 20 days from when the letter was receive, and I had to pay {$24.00}. The letter was dated XX/XX/2017. However, knowing I just receive the letter, I assume the following weekend, I will be find to go to TD bank. Knowing that the week of XX/XX/XXXX, had snow and ice storm. So I said I will go to TD bank the following week. Once again, I just receive the letter on XX/XX/2017.

On XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX XXXX, I walk into the XXXX branch. To look into my account, to see what was needed to keep this account open. However, I was treated so disrespectful, and I was told by the branch, they could not look into my account. Because the account was close on XX/XX/XXXX. That they could not explain what happen, because the account was close. The lady helping me that night, said I can not help you and gave me number to call for collections. I ask the lady, can she call the main number for me to see what happen? The lady at the branch that night, said you need to find out for your self what happen. She refuse to make any calls for me. Nevertheless, the lady I saw that night also said collections dept close at XXXX, and I needed to leave because she could not help me. I then ask for supervisor or manager to speak to, and she told me everyone left at XXXX XXXX. That she had no supervisor or manager there. She only gave me the number to call for collections.

After I walk out the bank I call the collections dept, which she claim was close. I was able to reach someone that night. That is when I learn the whole story about this account. Collections said, I had online access. However, I never knew information to log in. Nevertheless, I did not want to do online banking, knowing I did not feel safe using banking online. I was then told, I had to keep a {$100.00} in the account, in order to have free checking. However, if I fall below that I will get charge {$15.00}. I was told to pay a settlement fee, which I feel I should not have pay. Knowing, I was never aware on what was going on with the account. I was not receiving any statments and I did not have any online access.

Now on XX/XX/XXXX, I went to the XXXX branch and pay to reopen my account. Then is where. I learn more about what happen. I then learn, if you do not shut down access online you will be charge {$1.00} a month. Then if I take any money out and replace it that same day, I will get hit with a {$15.00} fee. Because I went under right at that moment. Even if I pay what I took out that day, on the same day, I will get hit with that fee. Then I am told, if I want statments to be mail, I will be charge. I had to pay fees and reopen a new account. If I do not shut down my online access, I will be charge.

Seems to me, TD is just looking to make money and deceive customers when they open the account. Nevertheless, TD bank was deceiving customers with XXXX. which I use for many years. TD appears not to be up front with the customers.

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