Problems caused by my funds being low

I have had a checking account with PNC BANK for many years. I am a XXXX XXXX year old XXXX who has his social security XXXX pension deposited directly in my checking account. I have huge medication expenses and during this time of the year I sometimes overdraw my account. I have opted in for overdraft protection which I know will cost me a lot when I over draw. I have tried to open a savings account to protect me from these large charges but I am XXXX miles from the nearest branch and therefore PNC says I can not prove who I am as required by the Patriot act. They do n’t like old people I think. In order to effect a better option for overdraft charges, which are killing me ( I am a XXXX XXXX patient ), I called the bank several times and they suggested that I apply for a PNC VISA CARD and opt to use the credit limit on the card to act as my overdraft protection. This I did and a PNC VISA credit card with a {$1000.00} credit limit was granted to me. I was told that this card would be used for my overdraft protection. They advised that my credit card limit would be used as my over draft protection, but I would incur a cash advance charge when that feature was used to comer my overdraft. I so agreed. I am XXXX and can not read with my XXXX ( XXXX which I do n’t have at this time ), so I called the bank many times to assure myself that my overdraft protection up to my credit line was in effect.i was told it was. The bank erred the first few times I had an overdraft and they charged me about {$70.00} as I recall. I called them and they acknowledged their error, that being that my visa credit line was not attached to my checking account properly and they would do so immediately, and refund the charges. This worked for awhile and they would debit my Visa and charge me {$10.00} each time. I thought {$10.00} was too much as no one ever told me it would be that high. After awhile PNC again started charging me {$35.00} X XXXX every time I over drew. My check is only {$1700.00} so this really hurts. The bank knows of my low vision problem. This past month these charges amounted to over {$270.00} which I think is unlawful. I called them and that they reverse all the charges as I had more than {$600.00} of my credit left on my Visa. They refused. Please see if you can help me. Many thanks XXXX XXXX

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