Problems caused by my funds being low

I’am filing a complaint because of what I feel is predatory and misleading fees charged to my small business account with BB & T . A little more than 1 year ago, my local bank Susquehanna located NJ was taken over by BB & T. Since then I have been getting attacked with fees and charges on my account which Susquehanna never charged. I recently closed my account due to a XXXX charge which turned into {$66.00} in just one week.

Here is what they do and how it works. BB & T charges your account {$2.00} if you do not take your money out of a BB & T account. In some cases this may exceed a 50 % charge to get {$10.00}. ( XXXX from the ATM machine and XXXX from BB & T ) There are some machines which charge XXXX to take your own money out like the local XXXX store using XXXX. So here is the latest which happened last week. I took a remaining {$40.00} out from my account leaving a balance of XXXX cents in my account. The next day i was charged {$2.00} and an additional XXXX for an overdraft fee. They then charged me approximately XXXX dollars per day for each day the account remained negative.

I ‘m not perfect and I have paid overdraft fees with this bank before, but to allow me to take money for which the very next day they will be charging me an overdraft fee is beyond dishonest. If they need the XXXX, then my available balance should be reduced in order to cover their fee. But by doing this they have become the most dishonest bank in New Jersey. It is my belief they are aware of this dishonest practice but like most large conglomerates the fines will be worth the income to their bank. Please investigate this and let me know if there is a class action lawsuit filed as I would like to get my money back. This is not the first time they did this and I had to learn the hard way how cynical they have become with this practice.

Thank you in advance XXXX

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