Settlement process and costs

i did a modification on my loan and was lied to saying i was getting a % reduced and a term extension. And a few years later when i wanted to sell my house Seterus ( who have a one star rating out of 5 ) they added {$48000.00} to my loan??? They never said anything on the phone about that at all??? And they say i signed for it that way. but, every time i ask them to send me the full contract for my lawyer to look at they do n’t? Everybody i talk to that is in mortgage business never NEVER! heard of such thing. and when i get all my statements per via email its shows what i should owe on the house. never shows the amount with the extra {$48000.00}. weird. shows i owe {$100000.00} but when i call them they say i owe {$140000.00}

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