Settlement process and costs

I would like Well Fargo to explain to me why they have XXXX different prices for my home. This process has been on going for months. I believe they are stalling so that the XXXX HAFA incentive will no longer be applicable. The HAFA incentive expires at the end of this year.
Here are the conflicting emails : From : XXXXXXXXXXXX Sent : Wed XX/XX/XXXX XXXX To : XXXXXXXXXXXX Subject : RE : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX We have received the appraisal and the adjusted counter amount is to a purchase price of {$730000.00}. Please submit the buyer ‘s highest and best offer by the end of this week.
*** Please fax all documents to XXXX and ensure that the borrower ‘s loan number is included with your submission. *** Thanks, XXXX XXXX Loan Adjustor -HAFA Negotiator Default Decisioning | Short Sales – Private | XXXX XXXX | XXXX XXXX , IA XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX Hello XXXX, I have received the following email from WF today : A review of this file has completed and a Notice of Short Sale has been issued. If you obtain a new offer meeting the required minimum net proceeds as shown in the Notification of Short Sale ( NOSS ) agreement, please submit the fully executed purchase agreement and HUD-1 in order to continue the review.

LIST PRICE GUIDANCE : {$760000.00} NOSS EXPIRATION DATE : XXXX/XXXX/XXXX Any short sale offer may require Investor or Mortgage Insurer approval.
In order to move forward with the short sale process, a new offer meeting the required MNSP must be received by the expiration of the NOSS.
Please fax all offer documents into XXXX and ensure the borrower ‘s loan number is included with your submission.

Wells Fargo has shown us all how corrupt they are. When is something going to be done about it??? I have a payoff number. Why does Wells Fargo just use that?? They are insisting on a higher payment. Why?? Who is that going to benefit?? Wells Fargo has supposedly has been given XXXX dollars from out government to HELP- So far I have received NONE. What are they doing with all that money???
I am a victim of the XX/XX/XXXX pick a payment predatory loans. After almost 10 years of mortgage payments my loan is now more then XXXX over what the original loan was back in XX/XX/XXXX.
I was denied modification and any help back in XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX when I was struggling with the balloning monthly mortgage payments. I want justice and I want it NOW!!!

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