Settlement process and costs

( 1 ) I have filed XXXX PREVIOUS complaints against GREENTREE Servicing : XXXX were in XXXX XXXX & XXXX were in XXXX for their harassing collections, lies and fraudulent practices ( 2 ) To this day they continue to fail to honor every agreement – both oral & written ( 3 ) I first began the XXXX Deed-in-Lieu program in XXXX XXXX – but had to restart it XXXX TIMES because they kept losing the paperwork, accused me of ” withdrawing ” & then REFUSED to return my calls ( 4 ) At XXXX time I had XXXX different Greentree Departments/Reps calling me telling me different things – including COLLECTIONS!! ( 5 ) Finally, after PROVING with my RECORDS & TRACKING NUMBERS that THEY were the ones in the WRONG I completed MY end of the paperwork on XXXX XXXX, XXXX – I had to go thru the appraisals, lease agreement & meeting with the property management company XXXX TIMES ( 6 ) THEN I was contacted by a XXXX. & told I needed to vacate the property by XXXX XXXX ( 7 ) Greentree had told me from the beginning & ALL of the paperwork states that the 90 day lease period I was entitled to per the program rules, would NOT BEGIN UNTIL GREENTREE SIGNED THE PAPERWORK & FILED IT WITH XXXX XXXX CLERK to TRANSFER THE DEED ( after all, how can one ‘lease ‘ property that is still legally hers? ) ( 8 ) ALSO : both ORALLY & in the WRITTEN AGREEMENT Greentree stated I would receive the {$3000.00} ReLocation Assistance AT THE TIME I VACATED PROPERTY ( 9 ) I have been out of the property since the deadline THEY GAVE ME, however, I just found out they did NOT sign and/or file the deed transfer with the XXXX clerk until XXXX XXXX! and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE {$3000.00}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 10 ) I have had to put all of my things in storage, I am displaced because I do not have that relocation assistance AND NOW I will have to move it TWICE. ( 11 ) I have done EVERYTHING they ever told me to do! I have answered EVERY PHONE CALL! I have followed up with them when I did n’t hear from them in the allotted time frame! For example, in XXXX, when everything was supposed to be finalizing & I was trying to stay on top of it because of the previous XXXX TIMES, I tried calling both my Greentree Rep ” XXXX ” and her supervisor (? – have it in my notes which are in storage ) TWENTY-ONE TIMES in less than two weeks – they NEVER CALLED ME BACK. EVER. To this day. ( 12 ) Essentially, the bottom line is : I was forced to leave my property XXXX MONTHS EARLY and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED the relocation funds – which is already eaten up – I have NO RELOCATION FUNDS. ( 13 ) This company is a DISGRACE. It is horrible & demeaning. They are PROVEN LIARS and FRAUDS.

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