Settlement process and costs

I refinanced my home with Quicken loans, VA financing. I had cash back to pay off credit card debt. XXXX check in the amount of {$4.00}, XXXX was made out to XXXX XXXX. I took the check to the XXXX XXXX, ID store and paid the bill at the customer service counter. We received a letter in the mail today informing us that Quicken loans recalled the check for unknown reasons. I am paying for this loan ; I work XXXX hours per week and my wife is on Social Security. I can not afford to ignore {$4500.00}! My mortgage is {$680.00} per month and I am considering not making a mortgage payment until my money is returned with along with a written apology letter! By the way, I have a {$25.00} service charge to pay XXXX due to Quicken XXXX up once again! Not to mention he fact that it took us 7 months to complete a VA refi with Quicken ( actually they should be called Slowen loans ) and we just closed on the loan less than 30 days ago! Then their check bounces? Give me a low grade break already! I have had nothing but problems from Quicken loans, I ‘m a Veteran and I ‘m not going to take it anymore. I plan to file a complaint with anyone who will listen.

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