Settlement process and costs

I received an offer for refinance from Chase Mortgage in late XX/XX/2016 and on XX/XX/2016 Chase sent over a representative to execute a closing on their behalf. My wife and I signed all the documents and we thought we had just saved some money on interest and finally out of our modification loan. However, last Friday I received a package from Chase informing me that they would give me the opportunity to catch up on my loan? I called their customer service department and explained my situation and no one seemed to have a clue what was going on. After 3 hours on the phone with them, one of the service reps was able to figure out that my new loan was never processed and that i was still on my original loan with no changes made??? This is why i was late because one of their specialists told me to not pay my XX/XX/XXXX payment as i would not have a payment due until XX/XX/XXXX. I then reached out to the Title company and was told by XXXX ( XXXX ) that the problem stemmed from the appearance that i had two secondary liens when in fact i only had one but this stopped the process. Problem was no one at Chase nor the Title company informed me about anything and now I have incurred late fees and surely negative hits to my credit because of this not to mention the thousands lost by not being able to secure my new loan. I have been trying to reach the Mortgage Broker ( XXXX XXXX @ XXXX ) for several weeks and Chase keeps ignoring me. for what reason i do not know? I would appreciate some kind of restitution at minimum for my late fees and credit damage and to be honest the treatment from Chase is less than fair or caring considering i ‘ve been paying them for more than 20 years. I think it ‘s embarrassing that a bank leave it ‘s customers high and dry no contact with such a serious mistake they have made by not letting me know the circumstances. It is extremely embarrassing for me and my wife to have to call in and pay back payments i should not owe and made felt like a nobody for non payment. This is ridiculous! what happened to Fiduciary duties the bank is supposed to have? I do n’t even know what to do as the Bank I trusted wo n’t even call me back?

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