Settlement process and costs

Dear Officer, I am a loyal customer of Bank of America for a long time. I opened a Home Equity Line account ( Account number XXXX ) with Bank of America in XXXX. When I did my home refinance with XXXX in XXXX, Bank of America ensured me that my Home Equity Line account would be kept open and Bank of America would refund me the payoff fee if they receive any.
Before XXXX, I suddenly noticed that my Home Equity Line Account was closed. I immediately called Bank of America, and was told that this account of mine would be reopened for me within 10 days. However Bank of America has never reopened this account of mine!
How could Bank of America break its promises to a customer repeatedly? Why should a bank have different policies?
As a fiduciary, Bank of America should put the interests of its customers in the first place and must keep its promise to the customer! It not, Bank of America must pay for the damage caused.
Thank you!

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