Settlement process and costs

A XXXX mortgage firm, dba Nationstar Mortgage LLC refuses to produce the XXXX document required in escrow to finalize the sale of my property. This has been going on for over 6 months! The loan officer, the escrow officers, the seller ( me ) and the buyer have placed calls to Nationstar to request this form. We can not find a person who even acknowledges knowing what we are asking for. Its as if this form has never been requested before. In speaking with XXXX XXXX, Foresite Escrow, she ca n’t understand why calls are not answered or returned, nor can the loan officer understand the failure to return his calls. They wo n’t return my calls. Yesterday I spoke with three different customer service staffers who refused to connect me with an officer who could finalize this problem. I was on hold for over an hour, then they disconnected me. This same procedure happens every time I call.
What can I do to sell my house and pay off this loan when they refuse to produce the XXXX document for the escrow and title people? They are the most unprofessional business I have dealt with in my entire life!

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