Settlement process and costs

I was told to Contact you, by the office of State Senator ” XXXX ” XXXX, New jersey XXXX.

I applied for a home mortgage in XXXX XXXX, at that time and repeated times after that I had asked the loan officer XXXX lender Representative of XXXX, if I would be able to pay off the loan at anytime with no penalties or fees associated with the loan, his response was ” I can pay off the loan at anytime without penalties or fees ”.
Then, in XXXX XXXX, I was notified by a supervisor from ” XXXX ‘ That I could NOT pay off the loan until XXXX XXXX!
I asked why, his response was ” how can we ( the mortgage company ) make any money if I pay off my loan?
Then they made me go to a Notary and sign a statement that said as per telephone call, I will not pay off the loan until XXXX, I said what would happen if I do not sign it, they said ” Then the Settlement will not take place ”.
Under undue pressure I was forced to agree, and then signed the paper on XXXX XXXX XXXX, That I will NOT pay off the mortgage loan until XXXX XXXX.

I feel that for some reason it is Illegal for them to pressure me to sign a paper that protects the Greedy mortgage company to make more money, taken it from me, after telling me I multiple times that I could pay it off at anytime in XXXX XXXX.

I am ready, willing and able to pay off the Mortgage at anytime, and was willing to do so 1 week after settlement on XXXX XXXX XXXX.

Do I have any legal rights???? Or do just the Mortgage company ‘s have legal rights to do and say what every they want, to make money at the expense of the consumer???????

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